Our Team

Our Team

Qualified & expeienced, our team have a passion for Footprints and making a child's time with us memorable and exciting

Our misson & Ethos

We are a small, committee-run, family-orientated pre-school which runs 3 sessions per week. Our mission is to ensure every child that comes through our door has the very best experience to ready them for school and future development. Play & learning coming together seamlessly.

Our facility

We run from The Mustard Tree Community Church on Watsons Road in the heart of Longwell Green. We have use of the main room, 2 smaller rooms and a versatile outdoor space. Adults also have access to the kitchen.

The Family Focused Pre-School

Footprints Pre-school Playgroup was established in 2001 by Jayne and Lynne. Their vision of a good quality, child-centred setting where everyone is valued and supported is our inspiration.

We follow the principles, requirements and curriculum guidelines of the Early Years Foundation Stage – more information is detailed in our prospectus

As our dedicated staff work on specified days they soon build up positive relationships with the children who have the security of knowing who they are going to see each day when they arrive at Footprints.

We also operate a Key Person system where each child has a specific staff member, who will spend dedicated time with them at small group time and lunch.  They also have responsibility for the child’s observations and record keeping.   During the time a child is at Footprints, the Key Person is also able to build positive relationship with both the child and their family.  These relationships are retained as every child (where possible) is given the same Key Person as their sibling when they start as Footprints.

Parents, carers and extended family are encouraged to ‘Stay and Play’ and to get involved in various aspects of Footprints’ life from learning nursery rhymes to attending social events, from washing toys to accompanying the children on outings.

We strive to make everyone feel welcome and valued at Footprints so we are always open to suggestions for improvement. 

Vicky Wells


Vicky has worked in nurseries since 2004, as a nursery nurse and as a deputy manager until she began her family in 2010. She has been actively involved in many successful events organised by the dedicated committee. Vickey began working as Leader and SENCO in June 2019.

Jayne Bray


Jayne founded Footprints, with Lynne, in 2001 and was a leader for 15 years. 

Lynne Hambury​

Pre-School Assistant

Lynne founded Footprints, with Jayne, in 2001. Lynne has a progressive visual impairment which she manages positively and effectively. She has special responsibility for Behaviour Management and Communication, Language & Literacy.

Helen Daley


Helen has worked at Footprints since 2005, starting as a Support Assistant for children with additional needs. Helen has special responsibility for First Aid and Physical Development.

Sue Hensler


Sue began working at Footprints in September 2016 and has special responsibility for Health and Safety and Expressive Arts & Design.

Julia Russell

Support Assistant

Julia became a volunteer at Footprints once her youngest started school in 2015 and was employed as a cover assistant a year later. She became a permanent member of staff in 2019, with specific responsibility for running the snack area and
managing its routines. Julia is also the Footprints Admissions Officer.

Our Ethos & Mission

Footprints is a charity run pre-school.

Our vision of a high quality, child-centred, family-orientated setting where everyone is valued

and supported is our inspiration.

For your children, this means their well-being, development and enjoyment are the only things that matter to us. Profit does not factor into our work and therefore care can be our number 1 priority.

Nothing is higher on our priority list than your child’s and your families safety when you are with us


Your child’s progress during the time spent with us is central to the activities and curriculum we follow


A child’s development should be enjoyed and we want all our children of Footprints to love the time they spend here

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